whatson.jpgWoodhall Spa Country Show was founded by a group of livestock and vintage enthusiasts, the hub of the show still revolves around the cattle, sheep, poultry and vintage sections, keeping the show in touch with its roots. 

Every year an agricultural theme is followed throughout the Show. theme for 2017 is Traditional Rural Crafts.

The country theme continues with the opportunities to try local food from the many and varied food producers and caterers around the ground.  There is a craft tent and a number of wonderful heritage displays in their own  marquee. Retail therapy is readily available since there are plenty of opportunities to shop for everything  from a pencil to a new car.

Main Attractions

Cattle and Sheep classes, parades of vehicles, tractors, David Faulkners Scurry Driving team and our Main Attraction confirmed now Pedal Power versus Parkour


Pedal Power vs Parkour
Pedal Power vs Parkour is the only show of its kind in the UK.  The display combines
the incredible skill, balance and power of a trials rider and the finesse of a gymnast /
parkour athlete. Both athletes will be putting it all on the line in an attempt to become
the crowds’ favourite!
The bespoke rig has been specially made so that both styles of extreme sport can be
showcased in an exciting, heart stopping performance. You can expect both athletes to
perform all of the latest tricks you have only ever seen on the internet and on TV,
pushing the limits of what's physically possible in their attempt to win over the crowd!
Not only will the parkour athlete be able to jump around on all of the high platforms
including the roof of the van but he’ll also be able to take advantage of a number of
trampolines that are placed around the arena. Some would say this is the most impressive
part of the show, the huge double front flips and double backflips are mightily impressive,
he’s also been known to front flip over the trials rider when he’s in action.
In an attempt to take all the glory the trials rider will also venture onto the trampoline,
he’s the only stunt cyclist in the world performing tricks on a trampoline and if he ‘nails’
his move he’s sure to win the crowd over.

What Can I see

Livestock judging will be going on until 3.30 p.m. when the champion animal from each species arrives in the Main Ring for the ‘Best Live Exhibit in Show’ class. When not doing their ring parade we have classic Vehicles and Vintage tractors to see and just near by the Vintage Stationary Engines if your interested in early mechanical technology. It’s well worth taking a look at some of the early attempts to resolve design problems before the electric motor came along and replaced them as a power source in the workshops and on the farms. 

To illustrate our theme we are expecting both Thatcher’s and Hedge Layers to come along and show us the finer points of their craft. The Heritage Marquee will have a display of the specialist hand tools used for a now disappeared skill, installing land under drainage systems. A source of employment in the marsh and fens until the 1950s.


What can I do


Throw a pot on a wheel, have a go on the bouncy castle and check out our entertainment trailer where we have a full programme planned through out the day.

The Craft tent is always worth a perusal and remember to keep an eye on the Main Ring  for all the different things we shall have going on in there.


What Can I eat

Catering and food sections are subscribed to the limit of the allotted space available with an attempt to broaden the range on offer. Some traditional and some not so traditional flavours, a good old fashioned stuffed chine roll or Indonesian noodles if your taste is slightly more adventurous. Altogether the committee believes this year’s show offers an especially interesting and entertaining time for you all to enjoy.